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July 2016 Newsletter

Demystifying Individual Pension Plans

Getting Serious About Accumulating Retirement

Existing programs such as RRSPs are incapable of accumulating the gap in required assets in a relatively short time frame. Fortunately, there is an attractive solution. For business owners, incorporated professionals and executives, the Individual Pension Plan, or IPP, represents a superior vehicle for accumulating retirement assets.

Despite their numerous advantages, IPP’s remain one of Canada’s best kept secrets. This article will attempt to demystify IPPs.

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June 2016 Newsletter

Target Benefit Pension Plans in Alberta

Alberta passed legislation in 2014 to permit registration and operation of target benefit pension plans (TBPP) for single employer pension plans and non-negotiated multi-employer pension plans.

A TBPP is neither a defined benefit pension plan (DB) plan nor a defined contribution (DC) plan but can include the best features and can eliminate the negative features of both DB and DC plans. A TBPP operates with a fixed contribution designed to produce a desired, or target, defined lifetime pension at retirement. If economic and/or demographic experience is not as favourable as predicted, benefits can be temporarily reduced to maintain the full funded status of the plan. Benefit reductions are restored when plan experience improves. Aggressive risk management approaches are applied to reduce the probability that benefits earned in the past will ever have to be reduced.

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May 2016 Newsletter

RCAs: Still Relevant in 2016?

A unique aspect of RCAs is the refundable tax concept where one-half of all contributions and investment income earned by the RCA Trust is remitted into a Refundable Tax Account (RTA) administered by CRA. The RTA does not earn any investment income. Any investment income earned by the RCA Trust loses its investment character (i.e., for example, dividends and capital gains lose their preferential character). The RCA receives refunds from the RTA when benefits are paid. $1 is refunded from the RTA for each $2 paid in benefits from the RCA Trust. Clearly, the purpose of the RTA is to limit the tax-deferral effectiveness of an RCA and make the entire structure effectively tax-neutral.

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April 2016

Lesniewski Moore Consulting Group Inc. Hires New Regional Vice President

Lesniewski Moore Consulting Group Inc. is pleased to announce Lindsey McKinnon has joined the firm to further develop our growing regional business in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Lindsey brings a wealth of experience within the industry, having spent 16 years in her role to support advisors and clients with the communication, implementation, and administration of Individual Pension Plans (IPPs).

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October 2015

IPP Inc. announces new business name! Lesniewski Moore Consulting Group Inc.

CALGARY, Oct. 5, 2015 – IPP Inc. has announced a recent transformation in their business, changing their name to Lesniewski Moore Consulting Group Inc. [LMC Group]. Industry needs have changed and there’s a growing desire for a national boutique consulting firm to fill a niche service gap within the marketplace. Small to mid-sized companies are looking for an alternative service provider with innovative and practical actuarial and consulting support to assist them in making sound retirement planning decisions; personally, for their businesses and for their employees.

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