We are pleased to announce Rob Staniloff has been promoted to Manager, Actuarial Services.

Rob has been a key member of LMC Group’s actuarial team for six years. Rob’s principal duties will include management of the firm’s actuarial resources and actuarial work. Rob has developed into a valued and respected service provider and colleague.

Please join us in congratulating Rob in this exciting opportunity.


How LMC Group is Responding to COVID-19 Pandemic

Quite simply, the COVID-19 Pandemic is unprecedented. Without timely and decisive intervention, the economic and social consequences of this pandemic can be catastrophic.

The management of LMC Group has sought guidance from various entities including: provincial health authorities, Public Health Canada, Global Affairs Canada, clients, advisors and our broader network. As a result of input from these entities, effective immediately, the Calgary and Toronto physical offices of LMC Group will be closed. All LMC Group staff will be working from home until further notice.

To be clear, our response is a deliberate over-reaction. Our paramount concern is the health and safety of our associates and their families, and in the broader perspective, the community in which we live in. As we understand it, a primary key to contain the spread and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 is to maintain “social distancing” between individuals, which includes the office environment or in a related manner (for example, reducing social interactions by not taking public transport to work).

To Our Clients and Advisors

The closure of our physical offices will be seamless from the perspective of our clients and advisors.

Starting with the Calgary Flood of 2013, the management of LMC Group has systematically invested in business continuation technologies. There is no change to the contact information to any of our staff (telephone and email) and our staff have full access to corporate servers that are resident in a cloud environment.

Although our hope is to re-open our physical offices in the near future, we are fully prepared and capable of maintaining a physical office closure for an indefinite period of time.

Reflecting the seamless experience for our clients and advisors, the communication of our physical office closures will be on our website only (i.e., there will be no reference on our telephone greetings or email signatures).

Thank You

The management of LMC Group would like to sincerely thank the many individuals who have generously shared their time, knowledge and information regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The following is a representative and rather comprehensive article on COVID-19:


The management of LMC Group will continue to actively monitor developments and will issue updates when warranted.

April 2019 – ANNOUCEMENT

Retirement Compensation Arrangements , brought to you by the cast of LMC Group.


It is now our Senior Vice-President William Kennedy’s turn to co-author with colleague Lea Koiv. Found in this months edition of Advisor’s Edge, the article does not discuss whether a pension should be commuted; it focuses on whether it can be, and how that commuted value is calculated.

Follow this link to read our article: Are You Entitled to a Commuted Value?

January 2019 – ANNOUNCEMENT

We are pleased to announce Robert J. Reynolds has been promoted to Senior Vice-President.

Bob has been a key member of LMC Group’s actuarial team for eight years. In addition, Bob and the other actuaries at LMC Group have been working together for over 20 years at international actuarial consulting companies prior to the formation of LMC Group. Bob has extensive experience in all aspects of the pension actuarial business as well as in insurance consulting. Bob’s talents and efforts have been major factors in the growth of these businesses.

Please join us in congratulating Bob on his promotion.

November 2018 – ANNOUNCEMENT

Monika Horvat (officially now Monika Savitsky) is leaving Lesniewski Moore Consulting Group Inc. to travel the world with her new husband, Ryan.

We would like to thank Monika for her many contributions to the marketing efforts of Lesniewski Moore Consulting Group Inc.

Happy trails and high adventure Monika and Ryan!

September 2018 – ANNOUNCEMENT

Lesniewski Moore Consulting Group Announces Official Toronto Office!

LMC Group has announced a new transformation in their business by officially opening a Toronto office location.

Feel free to drop in and say hello at:

#204, 2323 Yonge Street, Toronto ON M4P 2C9

Telephone: 416-840-8540

August 2018 – ANNOUNCEMENT

We are pleased to announce Fatima Somani-Popatia has been promoted to Manager, Client Services.

Fatima has been with Lesniewski Moore Consulting Group for 10 years and is an important member of the administration team. Fatima’s broad understanding of the IPP market, her organizational skills, and her attention to detail will allow her to flourish in this new role within the firm.

Please join us in congratulating Fatima in this exciting opportunity.


Individual Pension Plans, brought to you by the cast of LMC Group.


It is now our Senior Vice-President William Kennedy’s turn to co-author with colleague Lea Koiv. Found in this months edition of Advisor’s Edge, the article does not discuss whether a pension should be commuted; it focuses on whether it can be, and how that commuted value is calculated.

Follow this link to read our article: Are You Entitled to a Commuted Value?

February 2018 – ANNOUCEMENT

Company President, Mark Lesniewski co-authored a new publication in Advisor’s Edge this month with admired friend and colleague – Lea Koiv. The article is fairly technical, but includes information on terminal funding opportunities with IPPs. Terminal funding is a significant additional funding opportunity for baby boomers.

Follow this link to read our article: What the IPP Numbers Look Like in 2018

October 2017 – ANNOUCEMENT

Effective October 26th 2017, LMC Group has moved to the 15th floor of Bow Valley Square Tower II in downtown Calgary!

We have outgrown our old space and are excited for this new opportunity to better serve our clients.

Feel free to drop in and say hello at:

#1500, 205 – 5th Avenue SW, Calgary AB T2P 2V7

September 2017 Newsletter – Retirement Planning for Private Corporations in the New Tax Environment

Canada’s Finance Minister recently released a Consultation Paper entitled “Tax Planning Using Private Corporations”. This paper outlined the government’s proposals to limit the use of perceived tax loopholes in the current tax system available to private corporations. The challenge remains: How to minimize the portion of income from private corporation payable to the owner and his family that is taxed at top marginal rates.

September 2017 – ANNOUCEMENT

The Pension Adjustment (“PA”) represents the deemed value of the pension benefit earned during the calendar year, as a result of participating in an Individual Pension Plan (“IPP”). The Pension Adjustment is calculated every year for each Member of the IPP, and must be disclosed in box 52 of their T4 slip, along with the pension plan registration number in Box Number 50. Failure to report the PA can lead to an audit of the IPP by the Canada Revenue Agency. Please ensure you report the PA for every year you have the IPP Plan.

Please follow this link to download our 2017 PA Calculator.

August 2017 – ANNOUNCEMENT

It is with great sadness but tremendous pride that we announce the retirement of William R. Keech, Vice-President of Client Services.

With many decades of experience in the field of consulting, Bill earned a respected reputation for his ability to demystify group retirement plans and deliver clear, straightforward advice. His knowledge extended through all fields of group retirement, and his eagerness to share and teach the rest of us will surely be missed.

We wish you all the best Bill! Congratulations!

July 2017 Newsletter – How Do I Access My Individual Pension Plan Assets?

Most of the focus on IPPs is on how much can be contributed. Equally important is to understand how to get

access to your money – whether you retire, die, or even terminate the plan early. This article summarizes all the options available.


LMC Group would like to extend a warm welcome to Monika Horvat.

Monika is currently studying for her Actuarial designation and is an exciting and welcome new addition to our team.

January 2017 – ANNOUNCEMENT

Expanding our Services in the Ontario Market

Lesniewski Moore Consulting Group Expands with Merger of W.C. Kennedy & Associates

As a company that prides itself on providing clarity, proactive service and support we have merged with W.C. Kennedy & Associates to continue meeting the demand for knowledgeable and timely advice. To learn more about how our practical and proven consulting services can help you and your clients make better decisions, please contact us for a meeting.

November 2016 – ANNOUNCEMENT

After fulfilling her primary objectives, Dianne will be leaving LMC Group to pursue other interests.

LMC Group wishes to thank Dianne for her numerous contributions particularly with respect to marketing and profile building of the firm.

September 2016 Newsletter – Pension Plan Design for Smaller Employers

Smaller employers have the same need to include a pension plan in the total compensation package of their employees as larger employers – attraction, retention, engagement, obligations to long service employees, etc. However, many smaller employers must also be focused on cost stability, risk management and administrative simplicity.

As a result, a capital accumulation plan (“CAP”) has been the vehicle of choice for smaller employers. CAP plans can come in two variants – a defined contribution (“DC”) pension plan or a group registered retirement savings plan. However, a CAP plan is not an effective way to provide retirement benefits. This newsletter discusses how a much more effective solution, a defined benefit (“DB”) pension plan, could work for a smaller employer.

August 2016 Newsletter – We Want to See You! Let’s Skype

Together, let’s embrace technology that helps us connect – to discuss, share and collaborate.

What is Skype

Skype is a video conferencing software that is widely distributed and easy to use. It has been around for almost twenty years, and recently gained popularity by joining with Microsoft Office. In fact, it’s already downloaded and ready to use on almost any new device.

Why use Skype

The value of face to face communication is beyond measure. By using Skype, we can connect with you and your clients on a more personal level when you need us.

July 2016 Newsletter – Demystifying Individual Pension Plans

Getting Serious About Accumulating Retirement

Existing programs such as RRSPs are incapable of accumulating the gap in required assets in a relatively short time frame. Fortunately, there is an attractive solution. For business owners, incorporated professionals and executives, the Individual Pension Plan, or IPP, represents a superior vehicle for accumulating retirement assets.

Despite their numerous advantages, IPP’s remain one of Canada’s best kept secrets. This article will attempt to demystify IPPs.

June 2016 Newsletter – Target Benefit Pension Plans in Alberta

Alberta passed legislation in 2014 to permit registration and operation of target benefit pension plans (TBPP) for single employer pension plans and non-negotiated multi-employer pension plans.

A TBPP is neither a defined benefit pension plan (DB) plan nor a defined contribution (DC) plan but can include the best features and can eliminate the negative features of both DB and DC plans. A TBPP operates with a fixed contribution designed to produce a desired, or target, defined lifetime pension at retirement. If economic and/or demographic experience is not as favourable as predicted, benefits can be temporarily reduced to maintain the full funded status of the plan. Benefit reductions are restored when plan experience improves. Aggressive risk management approaches are applied to reduce the probability that benefits earned in the past will ever have to be reduced.

May 2016 Newsletter – RCAs: Still Relevant in 2016?

A unique aspect of RCAs is the refundable tax concept where one-half of all contributions and investment income earned by the RCA Trust is remitted into a Refundable Tax Account (RTA) administered by CRA. The RTA does not earn any investment income. Any investment income earned by the RCA Trust loses its investment character (i.e., for example, dividends and capital gains lose their preferential character). The RCA receives refunds from the RTA when benefits are paid. $1 is refunded from the RTA for each $2 paid in benefits from the RCA Trust. Clearly, the purpose of the RTA is to limit the tax-deferral effectiveness of an RCA and make the entire structure effectively tax-neutral.


Lesniewski Moore Consulting Group Inc. Hires New Regional Vice President

Lesniewski Moore Consulting Group Inc. is pleased to announce Lindsey McKinnon has joined the firm to further develop our growing regional business in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Lindsey brings a wealth of experience within the industry, having spent 16 years in her role to support advisors and clients with the communication, implementation, and administration of Individual Pension Plans (IPPs).

October 2015 – ANNOUNCEMENT

IPP Inc. announces new business name! Lesniewski Moore Consulting Group Inc.

CALGARY, Oct. 5, 2015 – IPP Inc. has announced a recent transformation in their business, changing their name to Lesniewski Moore Consulting Group Inc. [LMC Group]. Industry needs have changed and there’s a growing desire for a national boutique consulting firm to fill a niche service gap within the marketplace. Small to mid-sized companies are looking for an alternative service provider with innovative and practical actuarial and consulting support to assist them in making sound retirement planning decisions; personally, for their businesses and for their employees.

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