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Retirement Planning Solutions

that reduce your financial risk and enhance your financial security

Lesniewski Moore Consulting Group Inc. is a boutique consulting firm that develops cutting-edge solutions to reduce financial risk and achieve security in retirement.

Our consulting team makes it easy to plan for your retirement by supplying clear, concise and accurate information


Capital Accumulation Plan Consulting

A Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP) can be a cost-effective way to build a strong corporate culture through employee loyalty.


Defined Benefit Plan Consulting

The defined benefit plan actuarial and consulting services that LMC Group offers come with a high level track record and a history of successful client relationships.


Individual Pension Plans

Sometimes called a “supersized RRSP,” an Individual Pension Plan (IPP) is a registered, defined benefit pension plan that enables business owners to top up your retirement savings.


Insurance Policy Fair Market Valuation

The surrender value of a life insurance policy is an offer from an insurance company to ‘buy back’ an insurance policy from the owner. It’s based on factors that were in effect when the policy was issued.


Supplementary Employee Retirement Plans

Financial security is important to most of us. Therefore when determining whether to join or remain with an employer, many executives and employees consider retirement benefits to be essential.


Retirement Compensation Arrangements

A Retirement Compensation Arrangement (RCA) is a popular way for successful incorporated professionals and business owners to enhance retirement savings for themselves and their valued executives.

Let's Work Together

At Lesniewski Moore Consulting Group Inc., Building your trust is our number one priority.