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Supplementary Employee Retirement Plans (SERPs)

High Performing employees are linked to the success of a company’s growth. A leading group of best-in-class companies is looking for high impact strategies to retain top talent in today’s market place.

Employer-sponsored pension plans are gaining in popularity. These plans can provide generous tax incentives and rewards for employees to save for retirement.

A SERP, which is designed for highly compensated employees, can be a cost-effective option because business owners only need to include key executives in this plan.

Benefits of a SERP for the business:

  • Can be tailored to each executive selected to participate
  • Can be designed with a vesting provision
  • Benefits are tax deductible to the business when paid

Benefits of a SERP for the executive:

  • Retirement benefits in addition to government sponsored Social Security and qualified retirement plans.
  • Benefits are not taxable to the executive until received.
  • May provide pre-retirement survivor benefits for executive’s beneficiaries.
  • Plan may allow for any remaining retirement income to be paid to the executive’s beneficiaries after death.

When creating a SERP for owners, Corporations are typically able to recognize more of the SERP’s tax advantages than pass-through organizations. Partnerships and S Corps will generally limit SERPs to minority owners or employees for tax purposes.

Want To Know More About SERPs?

We’d be happy to discuss your priorities for an employee retirement plan and whether an SERP might be the right choice.