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Defined Benefit Plan Consulting

The defined benefit plan actuarial and consulting services that Lesniewski Moore Consulting Group Inc. offers come with a demonstrated track record of the highest work quality and a history of successful client relationships. Our approach is to gain a thorough understanding of your program and objectives to help develop unique corporate goals for your retirement plans. To reach those objectives, we build a dedicated team aligned to your needs and situation. A team of actuaries, administrators, regulatory compliance experts and plan-design professionals respond quickly, accurately and creatively to get the job done.

Plan sponsors face exposure to an ever-increasing level of risk in their duties as fiduciaries and administrators of defined benefit plans. A more dynamic workforce, national competition, and legislative changes are creating new demands and sources of risk that could affect the entire organization. Because of this, the value that Lesniewski Moore Consulting Group Inc. brings is vital to keeping all the pieces connected, ensuring peace of mind.

Your Pension Plan is designed to provide income for life to members who retire under the Plan.

Given today’s market volatility, employers weighing the advantages and disadvantages of defined benefit plans are understandably concerned with reducing overall risk and costs.

Drawing on our extensive experience with advanced risk management practices, the professionals of Lesniewski Moore Consulting Group Inc. can assist with defining and mitigating risks for your plan. We identify and assess risks to financial returns, develop target benefit valuations and monitor ongoing developments, enabling you to proactively minimize risk exposure.

Through this combination of consulting experience and solutions, our goal is to make sure that you focus on your core business while we take care of pension planning and provision, managing and reducing defined benefit plan risk.

We work with our clients to help them understand the impact of defined benefit risk on their business and on benefit security. Then we determine a pension risk strategy that will support business objectives and member outcomes.

Want To Know More About How We Can Help?

We can help you with every aspect of your plan, from initial design through portfolio management to plan wrap-ups. Please contact us to learn how our team of actuaries can help you achieve your objectives for your defined benefit plan.

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